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The Original Hammer with Natural Curved Handle

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  • The Original Hammer with Natural Curved Handle
  • The Original Hammer with Natural Curved Handle
  • The Original Hammer with Natural Curved Handle
  • The Original Hammer with Natural Curved Handle
  • The Original Hammer with Natural Curved Handle
  • The Original Hammer with Natural Curved Handle


The Original Hardcore Hammer with Natural Curved Handle is the ultimate talisman to any man’s treasure chest of tools. The hammer is a multi-use, muliti-purpose, and utilitarian oracle to the evolution and heredity of tools folklore. Hardcore hammers made it better. Made and handcrafted in the USA, this hammer is something every man would want to hold. On first sight it is clear that this not simply a cool hammer, but rather a work of art. This is the ultimate gift or present any man or guy would want to receive. The hammer is perfect for the home, garage, workshop, toolshed, or machine shop. So get him what he wants and replace all those fake plastic poorly made tools with a real man’s tool like the hardcore hammer.

Additional Information

Brand Hardcore Hammers
Model # The-Original
UPC The-Original
Color Wood
Dimensions Handle Length: 18 inches
  • 19oz head provides optimum balance for greater control
  • Made in America by Americans for Americans
  • Oversized handle sleeve provides overstrike protection from missed nails for a longer lasting handle
  • Straightened claw ideal for pulling tough nails and ripping boards apart
  • Genuine American 18" hickory handle ideal for framing carpenters
  • Magnetized nail slots on the top and bottom for more versatile one-handed nail starting
  • Patent-pending smooth outer rim protects material (and fingers) from sharp points
  • Patent-pending hardened steel recessed traction surface grips nail only, reducing chipping while providing superior nail-gripping power

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More Information

This is the original hard core hammer with recessed milled insert. The recessed milled traction surface is protected from striking anything but the nail by the smooth outer rim. This eliminates the need for two hammers because it combines a finish and a framing hammer all in one. Hardcore Hammers Recessed Milled Traction Surface Grips Only the nail. The smooth outer rim protects the traction surface from striking anything but the nail, improving resistance to wear. The smooth outer rim also protects fingers and thumbs from injury from the waffle.

Hardcore Hammers compares to no other hammer...

Hardcore Hammers offers a striking surface unparalleled by any other framing hammer available and the traction surface wears longer than any conventional milled face. Hardcore Hammers provides all the advantages of both smooth face and milled face hammers. So if someone is looking to add a bit more might to their tool chest, look no further here than the ultimate guy gift in a hardcore hammers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a hardcore drill?
A. The hardcore teams pride itself on making handmade items and gear out of basic materials like wood and steel. A drill requires too many moving and electrical parts, so we recommend looking at Black and Decker, Stanley, Dewalt, Kobalt, and Makita drills.

Q. Why would anyone want a designer hammer?
A. There is designer water right? Why not designer tools? The hardcore hammer is not really a designer hammer, it is simply a hammer made in the USA the way hammers used to be made – to last a lifetime. Most hammers today are made from plastics and have a tendency to wear over time. Not this bad boy. This hammer is designed and crafted with longevity and use in mind with its specially curved handle all with the proper grip in mind.

Q. Will this hammer build me a home?
A. While the hammer looks magical it is not magic. But the hardcore hammer is modeled after the same tools that built the USA. This will be one tool of many to help build your dream home. Every home started with a hammer hitting a nail; best to start with the best hammer on the market so keep a hardcore hammer handy.

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The Original Hammer with Natural Curved Handle

Availability: Out of stock


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