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Dosh Luxe 3 Card Wallet

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  • Dosh Luxe 3 Card Wallet
  • Dosh Luxe 3 Card Wallet
  • Dosh Luxe 3 Card Wallet
  • Dosh Luxe 3 Card Wallet
  • Dosh Luxe 3 Card Wallet


The Dosh Luxe 3 Card Wallet is your fashion and style solution to carrying your American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Benjamin Franklins. This designer wallet is ideal for the person on the move or as a gift for that special man in your life. Dosh Wallet’s patented designs are molded in desmopan, a highly durable, water-resistant polymer material with a luxurious soft feel. The money clip Dosh is for the super streamlined and style orientated shopper who wants their man’s wallet to match the industrial design of their Apple iPhone. Handmade from high grade brushed stainless steel, the money clip is positioned on the spine ensuring no disorganization or a fumbling first date fiascos. No animals, humans or rivers are hurt in the production of Dosh wallets of these male wallets. All materials used in the manufacture of these sustainable and environmentally friendly wallets are recyclable. The wallet makes a great gift for any students, professionals, or family members looking to upgrade their current stash of fashion accessories.

Additional Information

Brand Dosh
Model # Luxe3
UPC 721762522509
Color Black
Dimensions 8.5 w x 2.5 h x .125 d
  • 3 card capacity
  • Stainless steel money clip
  • Clear dosh case included
  • Made of desmopan, a highly durable, water-resistant polymer material

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    From the cool industrial, packaging, you know immediately that the Dosh wallet is something special. The architectural lines of its design and feature rich manufacturing make this wallet not only a conversation starter, but also the envy of the club. If it’s time to replace your old leather wallet or find the perfect stocking stuffer, then the Dosh Luxe 3 Card Wallet is the perfect gift for any guy.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Will this wallet make me richer?
    A. It will certainly make you richer in taste and style. As for the contents of your wallet that is entirely up to the secret of your success. We believe successful people all start with great taste, sense of style, and fashion orientated sexy appeal. This male wallet has it all.

    Q. Is the wallet biodegradable?
    A. Not entirely but all materials used in the manufacture of Dosh wallets are recyclable. So it is environmentally friendly. Cash and Credit Cards are not biodegradable, so even if the wallet was biodegradable would it matter?

    Q. Is Dosh a lifestyle brand?
    A. Dosh specializes in the make, design, and manufacturing of a wide range of men’s wallets. Their products include bi-fold wallets, money clips, and stealth wallets. All designed in Australia their products are durable, long lasting, and cool. Where they may not be a lifestyle brand like Ralph Lauren’s Polo, their products are made for life.

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    Dosh Luxe 3 Card Wallet

    Availability: IN STOCK


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